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Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm
Sunday: Closed
Tel: 604 277 7815

Steveston Barbers
3880 Chatham St #120,
Richmond BC
V7E 2Z5

In an effort to support both the local community and the people of Canada, we at Steveston Barbers have chosen to follow the guidelines as set out by the authorities regarding the Covid 19 Pandemic. As workers in our field simply could not practice ‘social distancing’ and we are unable to guarantee that there were not individuals with Covid 19 patronizing our business, and therefore spreading the illness, we have had to temporarily close.


As we learn and understand about our current situation it’s pretty obvious that it will be a while before things settle down enough for Steveston Barbers to open up again. We will update all of you in two weeks, April 11 on where we are at. We thank you for your patience, look forward to seeing you and hope everyone stays safe!

Iain, Ryan, Ray and Julian

We thank you for your loyalty and patronage during these troubled times.

Iconic, award winning Steveston business established in 1937.

Old school at heart, but modern for style we are ‘more than just a haircut’.

Steveston Barbers #120 3880 Chatham St , Richmond BC